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Simple Money System by Joel Peterson GVO Affiliate

Joel Peterson is an affiliate of GVO and Pure Leverage. He is one of the top producers for the company. I’m not sure what other network marketing companies Joel has been involved with but do know he has been with both GVO and Pure Leverage since they started.

He is from Utah and worked in some type of chemical manufacturing company. He had experienced a couple of slow times with the company in the past before making a full time living online. Joel talks about his past experiences in several videos.

I haven’t met Joel Peterson personally from events. Pure Leverage holds events every year and Joel has been a speaker at a few. He is also one of the people that speaks and provides training in one of the Pure Leverage upsells.

The Simple Money System:

Joel started the Simple Money System right after the launch of Pure Leverage. His system is based around getting a Pure Leverage network marketing business up and running in a simple step process. Please do not mistake the simple money system and an “easy” or no work involved system.

He does layout a daily blogging routine to follow. The blog activities are centered around the authority blog format that comes with being a Pure Leverage member. They fully explain the steps for using the blog and give ideas about blog topics.

Pure Leverage also provides a complete training system on how to use the blog and other marketing tools they provide. I can’t say this enough. There is nothing “simple” about network marketing. And Pure Leverage and the Simple Money System are both based upon network marketing.

It’s a huge business and often times gets a bad name because of the simplistic and gone from broke to rich headlines and stories we see around the internet. Any yes, people have experienced that but it was not simple or easy for them. It took some work and a lot of work at that. Work many people will not be willing to put in to make a business.

Network Marketing is not something you can do 1 hour per week. Or spend a few days trying it out here and there. It’s a daily and weekly process of taking action to market and promote the products or services. You must have a quality product also, one that you firmly stand behind.

Simple Money System Pros:

  1. Based on being a Pure Leverage member
  2. Step by step instructions for daily assignments
  3. Webinars and training for additional marketing and business building
  4. Meet like minded people interested in network marketing
  5. Facebook Support Group
  6. Marketing System that includes: Lead Capture Pages, Banners & Emails

Simple Money System Cons:

  1. Does not guarantee success. The action you take is up to each individual
  2. They encourage a Get All In concept, meaning upsells. NOTE: - Grow your business at your pace
  3. Have a good plan – direction of your business to eliminate struggle and frustration

In my list of Cons above I talk about growing your business at your own pace and having a plan. Where most people fail in network marketing is not knowing or understanding how to build the business. I strongly encourage people to join Facebook groups.

Not to chat and post all day long on Facebook. The key is to find someone who you can connect and work with to understand how to build your business. And is should include a few people. Include people that are new to the business and experienced people making money with the business.

Proper direction and following a plan down the right roads will provide better results and faster success in your business. Simple money system has those components but you need to make sure you connect them all together.

The Simple Money System is worth taking a look into, just make sure you find someone to help discuss your business plans, the direction of your business and how to build it. There are people there that can help you do that.

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