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Pure Leverage Review

This is our official Pure Leverage Review based on Pure Leverage users and comments about the marketing tools and products that are offered for business owners.

Real Pure Leverage User Review
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This is our personal review. If you’re looking for the official company site, make sure to click the link below:
Pure Leverage – Official Site

You’ve probably heard or seen a lot of talk about Pure Leverage around the web these days. You’re probably looking for marketing tools for your business. Or you may be thinking of starting a business.

Pure Leverage was released to the public in March 2013 and I became a member then. It was created for both purposes just stated above. Joel Therien the CEO of GVO is the guy behind Pure Leverage. Joel and GVO have been around the internet marketing world since 1998-99.

Make no doubt about it. Business is and has been turning to the internet. And marketing tools as well as tools to get a business online are required. All businesses are going to need to get online at some point. There is no denying that.

There is the task of getting a website online for your business. Then the challenge is how to get traffic to your website. That traffic then needs to be converted into leads or income. There are many things that need to be in place to make it all happen.

Actually, take a look at this Pure Leverage Review video by customer Jeremy Watson.

Just click the image below to watch it and get Jeremy's thoughts.

Now sure, you could hire someone to do all the work of getting your business online and marketing it. But, we all know that comes with a pretty high expense!

I know from experience. I’ve had offline and online business businesses. And I’ve hired and paid my share of workers and employee taxes, benefits, business tax, insurance, expenses etc.

So, that leaves the alternative of learning about and implementing online marketing tools into your business.

For your sake, the best resource for that is Joel Therien and Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is a complete suite of online marketing tools that shortens the learning curve and gets your business in the game faster.

From lead capture pages, video email, auto responder follow up to blogging platform…. It’s all covered.  But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let’s dig deeper into this review and get to the nuts and bolts.

Pure Leverage Review – What It Is All About

The Pure Leverage tool suite consists of…..capture pages for lead generation, auto responder system to follow up leads, video email, web conferencing, online marketing training and a blog.

The auto responder and web conference rooms are actually stand alone products or packaged from other GVO products. Pure Leverage was created to place all the tools businesses need for marketing online in one package.

The idea behind the Pure Leverage products is very simple. Provide great value in the marketing tools offered. Teach people how to use the tools to market their business. And provide an extra stream of income to those who choose to promote the tools to others or work with businesses to help them get online.

The secret sauce is using the tools to build your business and make money doing so. Pure Leverage is one of a kind from that stand point. Use tools to market your business and earn extra money by using them. It’s a perfect fit for any business or business seeker.

Here are some videos I’ve assembled about Pure Leverage

Video by Pure Leverage User and Business Owner Joel Peterson

To see how Joel has developed the Pure Leverage tools into a thriving business model Click Here.....

Here’s more on Pure Leverage….
Video by Joel Therien about Pure Leverage Hype

Pure Leverage Review – What I Like

Without question the first thing I like is the cost. Folks, listen, you will not find anything cheaper for the value of these tools. Due some due diligence, price out individual products for video email, web conferencing or an auto responder service.

Pure Leverage is absolutely the lowest you will find at $24.95 per month. You will pay twice that amount for just one of these tools as a standalone product or service. Joel Therien stands behind the value of a great product at a low price.

In fact they welcome customer feedback on feature improvements. Where else can you buy a product and request improvements!

Pure Leverage Review – What I Didn’t Like

One thing I try to avoid or play down with Pure Leverage is all the buzz, hype or talk around the web. I can appreciate the excitement, it does provide great value for the price. I also realize people need to see the value for themselves. Just know, value and cost go a long way in most people making a decision.

I would at least compare Pure Leverage to any tools you’re currently using and factor in how much cost savings you will experience.

Pure Leverage Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking to market a business online, save and earn money doing so, then Pure Leverage is a must to check out. You will find they offer all the tools every business needs to market online at the lowest cost. You won’t find one of these tools cheaper than what you’ll pay for the whole Pure Leverage tool suite!

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