Pure Leverage Morning Ritual Day 2

Today I start my second day of my Miracle Morning challenge.  A journey to create not only pure leverage in business but my personal life as well.  It's a daily commitment to take myself to the person I truly want to become.

A moment in time while I look ahead at what I'm capable of doing, of becoming and of vision.  Yet, at the same living in the present day of the moment.  It's a mindset practice and a way to take myself and leverage all I have and need.

create pure leverage in life

It's a time to create vision, create a plan, create a daily routine that will become a daily habit.  A part of life each and every day.  The time to rise up and above anything that may have been holding me back.

I encourage you, I ask you to share this post with friends, take a minute for yourself and ask... Is there more that I can become?  Have I achieved the life I have wanted?  Am I at a place of comfort?

If there is any doubt, second thought in your mind.... chances are you need a change.  A defining challenge of your own.  The real question is this, are you willing?

As you read more about my journey, I hope to inspire and impact what action or actions you may decide to take for yourself.  I would ask that you contact me or leave a comment.  And again please Like and Share this challenge with others.


Michael Sweeney

You are here on this website because of one of these problems: • You wake up each day feeling there just has to be more in life. • You feel frustrated with where you are now standing in your life. • You struggle day to day to make ends meet. • Your business can not get off the ground and fear won’t survive. • You have visions of having a business but just don’t have the financial means. • You know and feel there is a better way, want more for yourself and family. Create Pure Leverage helps solve these problems. Those are things I’ve experienced myself and more. It’s time to stop feeling trapped in your life. It is time to end the day to day struggles in your life or your business. It’s time to make a decision and make a change. What you have been doing has not been working, yet we grind through life each and every day. You must decide when the time is right for you to make that change and join the Pure Leverage in life way.