Pure Leverage Lead Capture Page System

What is a Lead Capture Page System?

Business marketing has always been based upon lead generation. A way to capture leads and convert those leads into clients or customers. In the online world that is what a lead capture page is designed to do.

Lead capture pages in print form are found in magazines, news papers and direct mail via printed marketing brochures that typically have a call this number for a call to action. The marketing method behind this strategy is getting the business phone number to ring.

Today with the internet and heavy website presence, companies and small business owners use a lead capture page for visitors to leave a name, email and/or phone number. The business can then follow up with interested leads via email or phone.

The complete system would include some type of email auto responder that allows the business owner to send immediate response back to the lead as soon as they ask for more information. This can be in a short report, video, 1 page document etc that would help answer a question or give additional information on a topic related to a product or service.

Lead Capture Page Example

Pure Leverage is a company that offers marketing tools for business owners and marketers. They capture names and emails of people looking for online marketing tools. They also offer a business opportunity for people looking to work from home. So, they have a lead capture page specifically to meet the interest of those people.

For the home business opportunity seeker, Pure Leverage provides lead capture pages people can use to market to other home business seekers. They are designed and tested by the Pure Leverage marketing team. These capture pages are integrated with the auto responder that comes along with being a Pure Leverage customer and used to build a list of business opportunity seekers.

Business owners can also customize their own lead capture pages to fit any business. Simple editing, much like that of Micro Soft Word is used to change text, colors, fonts, messages etc. that fit your business. You then link your capture page to an auto responder campaign and direct that page to you targeted market.

Set your auto responder campaign with a series of follow up messages and you have a marketing system working around the clock, 7 days per week. The key is moving leads along in your marketing messages to get them to call or make a sale for your business.

How Much Does A Lead Capture System Cost?

We now know a capture system requires a capture page and follow up system. There are a few possible ways to complete this.
Part One: Lead Capture Page

  1. ?Pay to have someone design a lead capture page. (Copy Writing $100’s or $1000’s)
  2. Purchase a set of lead capture pages and then edit them to fit your business. ($20 - $100 a month)
  3. Get Pure Leverage ($24.95 monthly) Includes Video Email and Auto Responder

Part Two: Auto Responder Follow Up System

  1. ?Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact etc. ($19.95 - $49.95 per month)
  2. ?MailChimp (Free - $25 per month)
  3. Pure Leverage ($24.95 per month) Includes Lead Capture System and Video Email

lead capture pages

How Much Time Does It Take To Setup A Lead Capture System?

You can have a lead capture system in place and working in as little as 30 minutes to a few days depending on how you build the system. If you are paying someone to create the capture page and put the follow up system in place it could take a few days.

If you purchase a capture page and email auto responder system, you could have the pieces integrated within a two to four hours. If you have some working knowledge of lead capture pages or auto responders, most likely 1 or 2 hours.

Should you choose a combined system such as Pure Leverage figure 1 hour or less. Pick a capture page, edit the page if necessary, create the email campaign and start directing people to it.

Every business should be using lead capture pages. My first recommendation is Pure Leverage simply because everything is in one place and the cost. But you can choose any of the others mentioned above. Just get one in place and working today to generate leads for your business.


Michael Sweeney

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