Pure Leverage to Launch New Got Backup Product

Pure Leverage is launching a new product that is consumer based called Got BackUp.  It is a storage backup system that will automatically backup the files on you computer, tablet or phone.  There will be several plans offered for consumers,

Choose anywhere from a single device plan, 5 device plan or an enterprise plan for businesses with multiple employees.  Plans start at a low cost of $7.95 per month for a single device plan.  Full details on all available plans will be coming out very soon.  There will be monthly and yearly plan options available.

Got Backup

There is a story behind the Got Backup product.  Joel Therien had taken a marketers cruise a couple years back and had a laptop stolen.  Lost were all the pictures of his children from early ages.  It set in motion the need for a something to prevent this from happening to others.

Having been involved with other products Joel offers, I know Got Backup will be another game changer for people and businesses.  I've already gotten a sneak peak into the software and have it running on my laptop as soon as it was available to test members.

Now there are other backup solutions in the market place.  The one thing I know about Joel from past experience is he will find a competitive solution for people and still hold a valuable and great product or service to offer.

Some of the existing products that are similar in the market place you may have seen, tried or you're currently using.  To name a few off the top of my head they would include:

  • Dropbox - I was using the free version of this and still have some things here today.  Everything there now is stored on Got Backup as well.
  • Carbonite (personal plan starts at $59/year)
  • myPCBackup.com  Free account gets you 1GB storage of backup

Carbonite Backup Plans


Got BackUp will offer unlimited storage space and will sync backup automatically like other services mentioned above.  You can also earn 100%  commissions if you choose to refer others to Got BackUp.  There is a reseller cost of $19.97 a month UNLESS you are a Pure Leverage user.  Then there is no additional cost for reselling the Got Backup service.

If you are working with business clients, need backup assistance yourself or are looking to generate some additional income selling backup services.  Click below and get on the Early Bird list.

Got Backup Early Bird List


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