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GVO Web Hosting – Global Virtual Opportunities

Joel Therien started GVO in Gatineau Quebec, Canada back in 1997. It was known as Kiosk when first started. Joel would go to business owners door to door looking to provide hosting services.

He grew up in a family the entrepreneur minded, and actually worked for his dad for awhile selling Yellow Page advertising. As the internet became more and more popular, Joel could see websites and web hosting was a business opportunity.

GVO carries that opportunity thought process within the name – Global Virtual Opportunities. The internet is global and companies worldwide need websites and hosting. Thus the global opportunity mindset was put in place for GVO.

Due to bandwidth restrictions in Canada, Joel seized the moment by moving the company to San Antonio, Texas to take advantage of the bandwidth capital location and changed the Kiosk name to GVO.

The company was now in position to grow the client base, lifting the barrier on bandwidth restrictions. They now compete with every web hosting company out there with unlimited bandwidth and domain hosting.

They are now able to offer single site plans, multiple site plans, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers to cloud based servers.

GVO Web Hosting Plans

GVO Web Hosting Plans

GVO Reseller Program

The GVO reseller option allows you to become a partner with the company. This allows you to have your own web hosting company by providing hosting services to business owners and people.

As a reseller you have unlimited domain hosting, which means you can have as many customers as you wish, setup the monthly hosting fee and collect 100% of the income for yourself.

GVO provides all the hardware and support for all your clients and customers. There are no technical issues for you to be concerned about. All your customers have to do is contact the GVO support team.

Included with the reseller account all resellers of GVO hosting get marketing tools with the account they choose, Gold, Titanium or Diamond.

GVO Reseller

GVO Reseller

GVO Marketing Tools

The marketing tools include an auto responder, web conferencing software and video producer software. These tools are used to generate leads, hold web presentations and create videos, store and stream your videos.

You could also use the video streaming to host videos for you clients and customers and offer another service for your business. You determine the price, provide the service and GVO takes care of all the support.

GVO Marketing Tools Recap:
Auto Responder
Web Conferencing Room
Video Producer Storage

GVO Marketing Tools

GVO Marketing Tools

GVO Affiliate

The GVO affiliate program differs from the reseller package. As a reseller you are building a customer base by selling web hosting. As a GVO affiliate you are building a business of finding people interested in becoming a reseller. You business would be finding people who are looking to sell web hosting or interested in home based business. The affiliate program is an mlm based commission structure.

Finding 2 affiliates basically allows you to be paid 6 levels deep in your commission structure. Getting 4 affiliates would take you 10 levels deep.
There are weekly and monthly bonus payouts you can achieve as an affiliate also.

Becoming a GVO reseller allows you to also be part of the Affiliate program. See the image below for affiliate bonus details.

GVO Affiliate Plan