GVO Affiliates – Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Let’s take a minute and talk about GVO affiliates. The reason being I was a GVO affiliate long before joining the Pure Leverage team.

GVO web hosting is where I was originally introduced to Pure Leverage. As a web hosting customer and affiliate of GVO, the company announced the launch of pureleverage to their hosting affiliate members months before the public was notified.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Network marketers and internet marketers are always on the lookout for the highest paying commission programs. There are a ton of opportunities, products and services to promote. The best paying affiliate programs are generally in the 75% payout range.

The typical payout plans are 50-75% for most vendors and companies working with affiliates. Where GVO and Pure Leverage become a market leader here is the 100% commission plans they offer. With GVO there are a number of bonus payouts that allow people to make 300% commission payouts. (see image below for details)

GVO Affiliate Plan

To become a GVO affiliate each person must become a reseller. Here is an image that shows and explains the differences in the 3 reseller programs available to join. The Titanium reseller account is highly recommended as my choice.

GVO Reseller

GVO Reseller

My reasons for recommending the Titanium reseller option are:

Auto Responder Subscribers – 20,000

Auto Responder Campaigns – Unlimited

Conference Software Seats – 250

This means you can create unlimited auto responder campaigns that target different customers and the total number of subscribers allowed is 20,000. In other words you could build one email list of 20,000 or 20 email lists of 1,000 subscribers.

If you need more subscribers contact the GVO support team and they will tell you any additional subscriber package numbers and the monthly cost. Once you agree, they simply increase the number of subscribers.

The conference software in the Titanium reseller package seats 250 guests. The software is similar to the popular GoTo Webinar software many internet and network marketers use today. With GVO conference software it also allows live video broadcasting of your webcam. Conference software is a great presentation and training program for clients, employees and team members.

Profitable Affiliate Programs

What makes GVO resellers one of the most profitable affiliate programs? There are 2 reasons in my opinion.

  1. Become a reseller and build a client base of local business owners providing web hosting and/or web design solutions.
  2. Find other people interested in a business providing web hosting or looking for reseller web hosting accounts.

More details on option 1 – Use one of these 2 methods below.

Build a client base of local business owners. Here is the process to follow.

  1. Become a GVO reseller
  2. ?Find local business owners who have a website.
  3. Ask how much they are paying for web hosting.
  4. Use your reseller account to offer a cheaper hosting package and collect 100% of the monthly fee yourself.

Or expand that idea into this……

  1. Become a GVO reseller
  2. ?Find local business owners who do not have a website.
  3. Create the website yourself or outsource this task.
  4. Collect the website fee upfront – pay your outsourcer if using one and keep the difference as profit.
  5. Provide the monthly hosting charge as reoccurring profit
  6. Offer additional services – auto responder, video creation and marketing, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Contact me for more information or questions on this here

More details on option 2 – find others interested in a business

  1. Some of your local business clients will have interest in creating additional business revenue.
  2. Ask if they can know other business owners needing your services.
  3. Ask if they would like to update to a reseller hosting package
  4. Setup any referrals they give you under their reseller package
  5. Pay them a referral fee for any websites that you charge to create. (This will keep them referring!)
  6. Work with new referrals to do the steps 1-5

This is a very simple web hosting business plan! Just become a GVO reseller and go to your GVO login, you will find a video on how to access your hosting account. Then put these easy to follow steps in place.

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