FTC Disclaimer

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that websites disclose their relationship to advertisers, product manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to protect consumers. It is the goal of CreatePureLeverage.com to adhere to these publishing guidelines.

Our website like most websites does display advertisements in order to cover the operating costs of maintaining and hosting our website, here is what we want our website visitors to know to protect their best interest:

Our goal at CreatePureLeverage.com is to inform others of the many different options available for an online business or marketing your business online. Because of this, and to make it more convenient for our website visitors to research various business and marketing options, we include links to many different third party vendors and programs. We may receive a commission from these vendors for referring new customers to them. It is important for us to state however that this commission does not influence which products we choose to review and promote. All of our reviews are objective and as unbiased as possible to ensure that we do not mislead any visitors to our website.

Please note that since these products are sold and manufactured by third party vendors, we are not responsible for the actual products or services you may receive, and your user experience may or may not be the same as ours.

From time to time we may also display advertisements from third party vendors. While we choose well respected ad networks as advertisers on CreatePureLeverage.com, we cannot always control which ads may appear on our website, and may not always approve of or endorse third party ads.

Before making any purchase, we recommend that you carefully research the product and read reviews and testimonials from those who have used the product before. It is also important to remember that CreatePureLeverage.com is not an attorney and therefore cannot give professional legal advice. This website exists for informational purposes.

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