Business Opportunity Seekers – Home Based Business

Business opportunity seekers are often associated with home based business. That can revolve around network marketing or mlm or internet marketing which is simply marketing your product or products and services of other companies.

Home based business can also include starting a day care service, lawn care service, hair styling, catering service, baking, handyman, plumbing, construction, painting and well, you get the idea.

Regardless of what type of business opportunity you are seeking the business needs a marketing plan to follow in order to get leads, clients and customers. That is what is most attractive for network marketing companies. They usually provide some type of training system for people to follow.

However, the internet is also full of marketing guru’s, systems, courses and coaching programs. The bad thing here is the internet marketing world is full of people who sell these types of programs just to make money. By that I mean, they will just keep selling programs and courses that they claim you need to make money. Yet, they have not done it themselves.

Business opportunity seekers can easily fall into the practice of buying one thing after another looking for the golden nugget. In contrast, someone doing lawn care knows, they must find people needing to have grass cut or landscaping done.

They can put up a website attracting local people to their service. Send out flyers, leave business cards around town. Go door to door knocking on doors. Place yard signs around town. Eventually, start getting referrals from customers.

It’s a building process of consistent actions over time. That is often where network marketing and internet marketing can mislead people. There is too much hype and make money overnight buzz that people see.

Network marketing and internet marketing can be a very good business model. The key is this:

  1. Have a marketing plan to follow and don’t buy too many online marketing strategy programs (video marketing, facebook, paid marketing, seo marketing etc.)
  2. You will need to learn and develop online and offline marketing skills.
  3. Pick one and work on it until you see results
  4. Fine tune that marketing strategy until you have a consistent amount of leads and customers coming into your business
  5. Be prepared to work each day on your business. Perform business related tasks.
  6. Don’t expect immediate results or success. You will have moments of frustration and things you try will fail. Push past it and keep working on what you are doing until you succeed.
  7. When you succeed go onto the next marketing strategy you want to put into place for your business.

Essentials for Business Opportunity Seekers

Business idea or model to follow
Marketing plan for the business and define your perfect customer
Schedule the time each day you will work your business
Find other people doing that business and connect with them - Share ideas
Master marketing strategies one at a time
Create a website or pay someone to create it for you
Capture leads from your website – give them something for becoming a lead
Follow up with those leads and ask for the sale
Ask for referrals
Follow your marketing plan every day – build leads and customers

Business Opportunity Costs

Starting a business out of the home – supplies, equipment, tools, vehicle expenses if traveling to customers
Network Marketing – the cost of your business opportunity
Business cards
Business flyers and brochures
Website – build yourself or pay someone to create it
Lead Capture page and/or form for your website
Follow up email system
Video for your website – lead capture page
Online marketing strategy method – buy a course or pay someone to do it

Business Opportunity Seekers Summary

Pick a business you are willing to work from home
Set time aside to learn and develop online and offline marketing skills
Be prepared to work hard for your success
Follow a daily marketing plan
Get a website and collect leads/customers from it
Know your business costs and how much money it will take to be profitable
Work you butt off to make it happen!


Michael Sweeney

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