5 Network Marketing Success Tips

Call it a profession; call it an industry, it is a trade that has come to stay. Network marketing is a form of direct marketing that involves the moving of products and services by building relationships with others (networking). Therefore, network marketing success is largely dependent on the quality of relationships or network of people you develop.

Network marketing is different from other forms of marketing and sales as you are in business for yourself and not by yourself. It is more of sales network organization than the sale itself. Many people are tempted to enter the network marketing trade due to the several success stories that can be found everywhere, especially on the internet. However a huge majority of those enter a network marketing business end up frustrated and eventually quit the business even before they give it a chance to succeed.

There are many reasons that lead to people quitting their network marketing business and one of the most prevalent of them is the feeling of inadequacy in the ability to make the business work. This could be due to lack of training or preparation. This is rather unfortunate as new members are supposed to be adequately trained and prepared for the task ahead by the folks that recruited them. So before discussing further about network marketing, one of the major factors for a successful network marketing training has been revealed – adequate training and preparation.

Before venturing into network marketing and subsequently recruiting members, it is essential for the networker to build up his own business before he helps other business partners build their own. This is similar to franchising only that here, each independent business owner can open new businesses with low financial investment and with relatively low risk.

Online network marketing is a form of network marketing that has become the “real deal”. Network marketers wanting to reap the benefits of reaching a wider range of people through the internet.  If you already have a successful or not too successful offline network marketing business and you would like to take your business to the next level or you are a newbie trying to make money from the internet, online network marketing might just be what you need.


The following tips are essential tips that will almost guarantee network marketing success especially for those applying their trade on the internet.


The first step to successful network marketing online is planning. An online network marketer eyeing success should carefully plan out how you intend to build your network. This ensures you do not end up having too many projects or websites than you can handle at the same time.

You should create an action plan for building your business that you will follow daily, weekly and monthly.  Break down the steps than can be down each day versus once a week or month.  Concentrate your efforts and time on those things that generate momentum and income.  You may have separate plans for customers and business seekers.


Study has revealed that successful online network marketers work on one online project at a time. The temptation to work on many websites is projects at a time can crop in as one tries to multi-task. But this often results in failure as the work can get muddled up at some time, too confusing or feeling too overwhelmed.

Keep in mind you'll be learning about business, developing relationships and educating yourself how all this works.  Try to keep steps simple and short.  The main thing is this... you need to take action getting things done.  When possible, delegate things you don't know or enjoy doing to someone else.


If one intends to be successful as a network marketer, it is imperative to set goals – long and short term. This helps to determine the exact steps to be taken in achieving this and also helps to keep you focused.  They must be realistic and obtainable.

Each day write down things you need to get done.  Cross them off, move onto the next one.  If you have to carry over something to the next day, do it.  Just get it done.  Remember, it's Planning for Success.


The world of network marketing is dynamic and as such, network marketers need to learn new programs and the new technologies that are constantly developed to ensure a successful online marketing business. Do not be afraid of learning new things and always try to make wise investments in materials that will teach you how to be cutting edge.

Word of CAUTION HERE. Invest your time and money on those programs, tools, pieces of education that will benefit your business.  Don't get caught up trying to learn every marketing tool and system out there!  You'll find yourself frustrated and over your head, ready to quit very quickly.


Online network marketing can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming but patience and consistency is needed to be successful. The process can really take some time especially at the network marketing lead generation stage. Consistency, perseverance and patience are sure to drive you to success in network marketing. It will not happen overnight.

Other tips that will help in making your network marketing journey a successful one is to create a budget and avoid joining every social networking site available. Most network marketers would want to build their network as fast as possible and this often leads to taking up some investment in time and cash. Some are worth it while others are simply a waste of resources. Therefore, marketers should be meticulous in their selection of online resources to employ.

The discussed tips on network marketing are just some of the many available. Persons wanting to go into network marketing should endeavor to carry out adequate research before plunging into the program. It is worth the while but patience is required.


Michael Sweeney

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