Pure Leverage Morning Ritual Day 2

Today I start my second day of my Miracle Morning challenge.  A journey to create not only pure leverage in business but my personal life as well.  It's a daily commitment to take myself to the person I truly want to become.

A moment in time while I look ahead at what I'm capable of doing, of becoming and of vision.  Yet, at the same living in the present day of the moment.  It's a mindset practice and a way to take myself and leverage all I have and need.

create pure leverage in life

It's a time to create vision, create a plan, create a daily routine that will become a daily habit.  A part of life each and every day.  The time to rise up and above anything that may have been holding me back.

I encourage you, I ask you to share this post with friends, take a minute for yourself and ask... Is there more that I can become?  Have I achieved the life I have wanted?  Am I at a place of comfort?

If there is any doubt, second thought in your mind.... chances are you need a change.  A defining challenge of your own.  The real question is this, are you willing?

As you read more about my journey, I hope to inspire and impact what action or actions you may decide to take for yourself.  I would ask that you contact me or leave a comment.  And again please Like and Share this challenge with others.


Simple Money System by Joel Peterson GVO Affiliate

Joel Peterson is an affiliate of GVO and Pure Leverage. He is one of the top producers for the company. I’m not sure what other network marketing companies Joel has been involved with but do know he has been with both GVO and Pure Leverage since they started.

He is from Utah and worked in some type of chemical manufacturing company. He had experienced a couple of slow times with the company in the past before making a full time living online. Joel talks about his past experiences in several videos.

I haven’t met Joel Peterson personally from events. Pure Leverage holds events every year and Joel has been a speaker at a few. He is also one of the people that speaks and provides training in one of the Pure Leverage upsells.

The Simple Money System:

Joel started the Simple Money System right after the launch of Pure Leverage. His system is based around getting a Pure Leverage network marketing business up and running in a simple step process. Please do not mistake the simple money system and an “easy” or no work involved system.

He does layout a daily blogging routine to follow. The blog activities are centered around the authority blog format that comes with being a Pure Leverage member. They fully explain the steps for using the blog and give ideas about blog topics.

Pure Leverage also provides a complete training system on how to use the blog and other marketing tools they provide. I can’t say this enough. There is nothing “simple” about network marketing. And Pure Leverage and the Simple Money System are both based upon network marketing.

It’s a huge business and often times gets a bad name because of the simplistic and gone from broke to rich headlines and stories we see around the internet. Any yes, people have experienced that but it was not simple or easy for them. It took some work and a lot of work at that. Work many people will not be willing to put in to make a business.

Network Marketing is not something you can do 1 hour per week. Or spend a few days trying it out here and there. It’s a daily and weekly process of taking action to market and promote the products or services. You must have a quality product also, one that you firmly stand behind.

Simple Money System Pros:

  1. Based on being a Pure Leverage member
  2. Step by step instructions for daily assignments
  3. Webinars and training for additional marketing and business building
  4. Meet like minded people interested in network marketing
  5. Facebook Support Group
  6. Marketing System that includes: Lead Capture Pages, Banners & Emails

Simple Money System Cons:

  1. Does not guarantee success. The action you take is up to each individual
  2. They encourage a Get All In concept, meaning upsells. NOTE: - Grow your business at your pace
  3. Have a good plan – direction of your business to eliminate struggle and frustration

In my list of Cons above I talk about growing your business at your own pace and having a plan. Where most people fail in network marketing is not knowing or understanding how to build the business. I strongly encourage people to join Facebook groups.

Not to chat and post all day long on Facebook. The key is to find someone who you can connect and work with to understand how to build your business. And is should include a few people. Include people that are new to the business and experienced people making money with the business.

Proper direction and following a plan down the right roads will provide better results and faster success in your business. Simple money system has those components but you need to make sure you connect them all together.

The Simple Money System is worth taking a look into, just make sure you find someone to help discuss your business plans, the direction of your business and how to build it. There are people there that can help you do that.

OR - Contact me

All the best,


GVO Affiliates – Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Let’s take a minute and talk about GVO affiliates. The reason being I was a GVO affiliate long before joining the Pure Leverage team.

GVO web hosting is where I was originally introduced to Pure Leverage. As a web hosting customer and affiliate of GVO, the company announced the launch of pureleverage to their hosting affiliate members months before the public was notified.

Best Paying Affiliate Programs

Network marketers and internet marketers are always on the lookout for the highest paying commission programs. There are a ton of opportunities, products and services to promote. The best paying affiliate programs are generally in the 75% payout range.

The typical payout plans are 50-75% for most vendors and companies working with affiliates. Where GVO and Pure Leverage become a market leader here is the 100% commission plans they offer. With GVO there are a number of bonus payouts that allow people to make 300% commission payouts. (see image below for details)

GVO Affiliate Plan

To become a GVO affiliate each person must become a reseller. Here is an image that shows and explains the differences in the 3 reseller programs available to join. The Titanium reseller account is highly recommended as my choice.

GVO Reseller

GVO Reseller

My reasons for recommending the Titanium reseller option are:

Auto Responder Subscribers – 20,000

Auto Responder Campaigns – Unlimited

Conference Software Seats – 250

This means you can create unlimited auto responder campaigns that target different customers and the total number of subscribers allowed is 20,000. In other words you could build one email list of 20,000 or 20 email lists of 1,000 subscribers.

If you need more subscribers contact the GVO support team and they will tell you any additional subscriber package numbers and the monthly cost. Once you agree, they simply increase the number of subscribers.

The conference software in the Titanium reseller package seats 250 guests. The software is similar to the popular GoTo Webinar software many internet and network marketers use today. With GVO conference software it also allows live video broadcasting of your webcam. Conference software is a great presentation and training program for clients, employees and team members.

Profitable Affiliate Programs

What makes GVO resellers one of the most profitable affiliate programs? There are 2 reasons in my opinion.

  1. Become a reseller and build a client base of local business owners providing web hosting and/or web design solutions.
  2. Find other people interested in a business providing web hosting or looking for reseller web hosting accounts.

More details on option 1 – Use one of these 2 methods below.

Build a client base of local business owners. Here is the process to follow.

  1. Become a GVO reseller
  2. ?Find local business owners who have a website.
  3. Ask how much they are paying for web hosting.
  4. Use your reseller account to offer a cheaper hosting package and collect 100% of the monthly fee yourself.

Or expand that idea into this……

  1. Become a GVO reseller
  2. ?Find local business owners who do not have a website.
  3. Create the website yourself or outsource this task.
  4. Collect the website fee upfront – pay your outsourcer if using one and keep the difference as profit.
  5. Provide the monthly hosting charge as reoccurring profit
  6. Offer additional services – auto responder, video creation and marketing, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Contact me for more information or questions on this here

More details on option 2 – find others interested in a business

  1. Some of your local business clients will have interest in creating additional business revenue.
  2. Ask if they can know other business owners needing your services.
  3. Ask if they would like to update to a reseller hosting package
  4. Setup any referrals they give you under their reseller package
  5. Pay them a referral fee for any websites that you charge to create. (This will keep them referring!)
  6. Work with new referrals to do the steps 1-5

This is a very simple web hosting business plan! Just become a GVO reseller and go to your GVO login, you will find a video on how to access your hosting account. Then put these easy to follow steps in place.

Need more help – contact me on Facebook


All the best,




GVO Web Hosting – Global Virtual Opportunities

Joel Therien started GVO in Gatineau Quebec, Canada back in 1997. It was known as Kiosk when first started. Joel would go to business owners door to door looking to provide hosting services.

He grew up in a family the entrepreneur minded, and actually worked for his dad for awhile selling Yellow Page advertising. As the internet became more and more popular, Joel could see websites and web hosting was a business opportunity.

GVO carries that opportunity thought process within the name – Global Virtual Opportunities. The internet is global and companies worldwide need websites and hosting. Thus the global opportunity mindset was put in place for GVO.

Due to bandwidth restrictions in Canada, Joel seized the moment by moving the company to San Antonio, Texas to take advantage of the bandwidth capital location and changed the Kiosk name to GVO.

The company was now in position to grow the client base, lifting the barrier on bandwidth restrictions. They now compete with every web hosting company out there with unlimited bandwidth and domain hosting.

They are now able to offer single site plans, multiple site plans, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers to cloud based servers.

GVO Web Hosting Plans

GVO Web Hosting Plans

GVO Reseller Program

The GVO reseller option allows you to become a partner with the company. This allows you to have your own web hosting company by providing hosting services to business owners and people.

As a reseller you have unlimited domain hosting, which means you can have as many customers as you wish, setup the monthly hosting fee and collect 100% of the income for yourself.

GVO provides all the hardware and support for all your clients and customers. There are no technical issues for you to be concerned about. All your customers have to do is contact the GVO support team.

Included with the reseller account all resellers of GVO hosting get marketing tools with the account they choose, Gold, Titanium or Diamond.

GVO Reseller

GVO Reseller

GVO Marketing Tools

The marketing tools include an auto responder, web conferencing software and video producer software. These tools are used to generate leads, hold web presentations and create videos, store and stream your videos.

You could also use the video streaming to host videos for you clients and customers and offer another service for your business. You determine the price, provide the service and GVO takes care of all the support.

GVO Marketing Tools Recap:
Auto Responder
Web Conferencing Room
Video Producer Storage

GVO Marketing Tools

GVO Marketing Tools

GVO Affiliate

The GVO affiliate program differs from the reseller package. As a reseller you are building a customer base by selling web hosting. As a GVO affiliate you are building a business of finding people interested in becoming a reseller. You business would be finding people who are looking to sell web hosting or interested in home based business. The affiliate program is an mlm based commission structure.

Finding 2 affiliates basically allows you to be paid 6 levels deep in your commission structure. Getting 4 affiliates would take you 10 levels deep.
There are weekly and monthly bonus payouts you can achieve as an affiliate also.

Becoming a GVO reseller allows you to also be part of the Affiliate program. See the image below for affiliate bonus details.

GVO Affiliate Plan


Business Opportunity Seekers – Home Based Business

Business opportunity seekers are often associated with home based business. That can revolve around network marketing or mlm or internet marketing which is simply marketing your product or products and services of other companies.

Home based business can also include starting a day care service, lawn care service, hair styling, catering service, baking, handyman, plumbing, construction, painting and well, you get the idea.

Regardless of what type of business opportunity you are seeking the business needs a marketing plan to follow in order to get leads, clients and customers. That is what is most attractive for network marketing companies. They usually provide some type of training system for people to follow.

However, the internet is also full of marketing guru’s, systems, courses and coaching programs. The bad thing here is the internet marketing world is full of people who sell these types of programs just to make money. By that I mean, they will just keep selling programs and courses that they claim you need to make money. Yet, they have not done it themselves.

Business opportunity seekers can easily fall into the practice of buying one thing after another looking for the golden nugget. In contrast, someone doing lawn care knows, they must find people needing to have grass cut or landscaping done.

They can put up a website attracting local people to their service. Send out flyers, leave business cards around town. Go door to door knocking on doors. Place yard signs around town. Eventually, start getting referrals from customers.

It’s a building process of consistent actions over time. That is often where network marketing and internet marketing can mislead people. There is too much hype and make money overnight buzz that people see.

Network marketing and internet marketing can be a very good business model. The key is this:

  1. Have a marketing plan to follow and don’t buy too many online marketing strategy programs (video marketing, facebook, paid marketing, seo marketing etc.)
  2. You will need to learn and develop online and offline marketing skills.
  3. Pick one and work on it until you see results
  4. Fine tune that marketing strategy until you have a consistent amount of leads and customers coming into your business
  5. Be prepared to work each day on your business. Perform business related tasks.
  6. Don’t expect immediate results or success. You will have moments of frustration and things you try will fail. Push past it and keep working on what you are doing until you succeed.
  7. When you succeed go onto the next marketing strategy you want to put into place for your business.

Essentials for Business Opportunity Seekers

Business idea or model to follow
Marketing plan for the business and define your perfect customer
Schedule the time each day you will work your business
Find other people doing that business and connect with them - Share ideas
Master marketing strategies one at a time
Create a website or pay someone to create it for you
Capture leads from your website – give them something for becoming a lead
Follow up with those leads and ask for the sale
Ask for referrals
Follow your marketing plan every day – build leads and customers

Business Opportunity Costs

Starting a business out of the home – supplies, equipment, tools, vehicle expenses if traveling to customers
Network Marketing – the cost of your business opportunity
Business cards
Business flyers and brochures
Website – build yourself or pay someone to create it
Lead Capture page and/or form for your website
Follow up email system
Video for your website – lead capture page
Online marketing strategy method – buy a course or pay someone to do it

Business Opportunity Seekers Summary

Pick a business you are willing to work from home
Set time aside to learn and develop online and offline marketing skills
Be prepared to work hard for your success
Follow a daily marketing plan
Get a website and collect leads/customers from it
Know your business costs and how much money it will take to be profitable
Work you butt off to make it happen!


Pure Leverage Lead Capture Page System

What is a Lead Capture Page System?

Business marketing has always been based upon lead generation. A way to capture leads and convert those leads into clients or customers. In the online world that is what a lead capture page is designed to do.

Lead capture pages in print form are found in magazines, news papers and direct mail via printed marketing brochures that typically have a call this number for a call to action. The marketing method behind this strategy is getting the business phone number to ring.

Today with the internet and heavy website presence, companies and small business owners use a lead capture page for visitors to leave a name, email and/or phone number. The business can then follow up with interested leads via email or phone.

The complete system would include some type of email auto responder that allows the business owner to send immediate response back to the lead as soon as they ask for more information. This can be in a short report, video, 1 page document etc that would help answer a question or give additional information on a topic related to a product or service.

Lead Capture Page Example

Pure Leverage is a company that offers marketing tools for business owners and marketers. They capture names and emails of people looking for online marketing tools. They also offer a business opportunity for people looking to work from home. So, they have a lead capture page specifically to meet the interest of those people.

For the home business opportunity seeker, Pure Leverage provides lead capture pages people can use to market to other home business seekers. They are designed and tested by the Pure Leverage marketing team. These capture pages are integrated with the auto responder that comes along with being a Pure Leverage customer and used to build a list of business opportunity seekers.

Business owners can also customize their own lead capture pages to fit any business. Simple editing, much like that of Micro Soft Word is used to change text, colors, fonts, messages etc. that fit your business. You then link your capture page to an auto responder campaign and direct that page to you targeted market.

Set your auto responder campaign with a series of follow up messages and you have a marketing system working around the clock, 7 days per week. The key is moving leads along in your marketing messages to get them to call or make a sale for your business.

How Much Does A Lead Capture System Cost?

We now know a capture system requires a capture page and follow up system. There are a few possible ways to complete this.
Part One: Lead Capture Page

  1. ?Pay to have someone design a lead capture page. (Copy Writing $100’s or $1000’s)
  2. Purchase a set of lead capture pages and then edit them to fit your business. ($20 - $100 a month)
  3. Get Pure Leverage ($24.95 monthly) Includes Video Email and Auto Responder

Part Two: Auto Responder Follow Up System

  1. ?Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact etc. ($19.95 - $49.95 per month)
  2. ?MailChimp (Free - $25 per month)
  3. Pure Leverage ($24.95 per month) Includes Lead Capture System and Video Email

lead capture pages

How Much Time Does It Take To Setup A Lead Capture System?

You can have a lead capture system in place and working in as little as 30 minutes to a few days depending on how you build the system. If you are paying someone to create the capture page and put the follow up system in place it could take a few days.

If you purchase a capture page and email auto responder system, you could have the pieces integrated within a two to four hours. If you have some working knowledge of lead capture pages or auto responders, most likely 1 or 2 hours.

Should you choose a combined system such as Pure Leverage figure 1 hour or less. Pick a capture page, edit the page if necessary, create the email campaign and start directing people to it.

Every business should be using lead capture pages. My first recommendation is Pure Leverage simply because everything is in one place and the cost. But you can choose any of the others mentioned above. Just get one in place and working today to generate leads for your business.


Pure Leverage to Launch New Got Backup Product

Pure Leverage is launching a new product that is consumer based called Got BackUp.  It is a storage backup system that will automatically backup the files on you computer, tablet or phone.  There will be several plans offered for consumers,

Choose anywhere from a single device plan, 5 device plan or an enterprise plan for businesses with multiple employees.  Plans start at a low cost of $7.95 per month for a single device plan.  Full details on all available plans will be coming out very soon.  There will be monthly and yearly plan options available.

Got Backup

There is a story behind the Got Backup product.  Joel Therien had taken a marketers cruise a couple years back and had a laptop stolen.  Lost were all the pictures of his children from early ages.  It set in motion the need for a something to prevent this from happening to others.

Having been involved with other products Joel offers, I know Got Backup will be another game changer for people and businesses.  I've already gotten a sneak peak into the software and have it running on my laptop as soon as it was available to test members.

Now there are other backup solutions in the market place.  The one thing I know about Joel from past experience is he will find a competitive solution for people and still hold a valuable and great product or service to offer.

Some of the existing products that are similar in the market place you may have seen, tried or you're currently using.  To name a few off the top of my head they would include:

  • Dropbox - I was using the free version of this and still have some things here today.  Everything there now is stored on Got Backup as well.
  • Carbonite (personal plan starts at $59/year)
  • myPCBackup.com  Free account gets you 1GB storage of backup

Carbonite Backup Plans


Got BackUp will offer unlimited storage space and will sync backup automatically like other services mentioned above.  You can also earn 100%  commissions if you choose to refer others to Got BackUp.  There is a reseller cost of $19.97 a month UNLESS you are a Pure Leverage user.  Then there is no additional cost for reselling the Got Backup service.

If you are working with business clients, need backup assistance yourself or are looking to generate some additional income selling backup services.  Click below and get on the Early Bird list.

Got Backup Early Bird List


Pure Leverage Review

This is our official Pure Leverage Review based on Pure Leverage users and comments about the marketing tools and products that are offered for business owners.

Real Pure Leverage User Review
To add the Pure Leverage marketing tools to your business click here.

This is our personal review. If you’re looking for the official company site, make sure to click the link below:
Pure Leverage – Official Site

You’ve probably heard or seen a lot of talk about Pure Leverage around the web these days. You’re probably looking for marketing tools for your business. Or you may be thinking of starting a business.

Pure Leverage was released to the public in March 2013 and I became a member then. It was created for both purposes just stated above. Joel Therien the CEO of GVO is the guy behind Pure Leverage. Joel and GVO have been around the internet marketing world since 1998-99.

Make no doubt about it. Business is and has been turning to the internet. And marketing tools as well as tools to get a business online are required. All businesses are going to need to get online at some point. There is no denying that.

There is the task of getting a website online for your business. Then the challenge is how to get traffic to your website. That traffic then needs to be converted into leads or income. There are many things that need to be in place to make it all happen.

Actually, take a look at this Pure Leverage Review video by customer Jeremy Watson.

Just click the image below to watch it and get Jeremy's thoughts.

Now sure, you could hire someone to do all the work of getting your business online and marketing it. But, we all know that comes with a pretty high expense!

I know from experience. I’ve had offline and online business businesses. And I’ve hired and paid my share of workers and employee taxes, benefits, business tax, insurance, expenses etc.

So, that leaves the alternative of learning about and implementing online marketing tools into your business.

For your sake, the best resource for that is Joel Therien and Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is a complete suite of online marketing tools that shortens the learning curve and gets your business in the game faster.

From lead capture pages, video email, auto responder follow up to blogging platform…. It’s all covered.  But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let’s dig deeper into this review and get to the nuts and bolts.

Pure Leverage Review – What It Is All About

The Pure Leverage tool suite consists of…..capture pages for lead generation, auto responder system to follow up leads, video email, web conferencing, online marketing training and a blog.

The auto responder and web conference rooms are actually stand alone products or packaged from other GVO products. Pure Leverage was created to place all the tools businesses need for marketing online in one package.

The idea behind the Pure Leverage products is very simple. Provide great value in the marketing tools offered. Teach people how to use the tools to market their business. And provide an extra stream of income to those who choose to promote the tools to others or work with businesses to help them get online.

The secret sauce is using the tools to build your business and make money doing so. Pure Leverage is one of a kind from that stand point. Use tools to market your business and earn extra money by using them. It’s a perfect fit for any business or business seeker.

Here are some videos I’ve assembled about Pure Leverage

Video by Pure Leverage User and Business Owner Joel Peterson

To see how Joel has developed the Pure Leverage tools into a thriving business model Click Here.....

Here’s more on Pure Leverage….
Video by Joel Therien about Pure Leverage Hype

Pure Leverage Review – What I Like

Without question the first thing I like is the cost. Folks, listen, you will not find anything cheaper for the value of these tools. Due some due diligence, price out individual products for video email, web conferencing or an auto responder service.

Pure Leverage is absolutely the lowest you will find at $24.95 per month. You will pay twice that amount for just one of these tools as a standalone product or service. Joel Therien stands behind the value of a great product at a low price.

In fact they welcome customer feedback on feature improvements. Where else can you buy a product and request improvements!

Pure Leverage Review – What I Didn’t Like

One thing I try to avoid or play down with Pure Leverage is all the buzz, hype or talk around the web. I can appreciate the excitement, it does provide great value for the price. I also realize people need to see the value for themselves. Just know, value and cost go a long way in most people making a decision.

I would at least compare Pure Leverage to any tools you’re currently using and factor in how much cost savings you will experience.

Pure Leverage Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking to market a business online, save and earn money doing so, then Pure Leverage is a must to check out. You will find they offer all the tools every business needs to market online at the lowest cost. You won’t find one of these tools cheaper than what you’ll pay for the whole Pure Leverage tool suite!

Enter your text here...


3 Most Common Ways Of Earning Money Online

Thanks to the internet, people can now make some money from the comfort of their homes. The internet has provided several opportunities to making people’s lives a lot easier and better. While some people take earnings from their online businesses as an extra income, some others have it as their primary source of income and livelihood. Hence, people either work part-time or full time depending on the kind of online business and the individual involved.

The interest of earning money online has grown immensely in recent years particularly due to the relative ease involved compared to the remuneration and compensation to online workers. Money making online is not only achieved by every day people, it has allowed them to live their dreams by having a better quality of life.  People going on holiday trips, having more time at home with kids, doing things on their own terms.  All thanks to the cash earned on the internet.


There are different ways to earn income online and many people have actually left their 9 to 5 day job to settle for online income. The increasing interest in making money online has also led to different schemes and scams promising to make people millionaires with almost no effort. Most of these scams come under such headings as “fastest way to make money online” and “easiest ways to make money online”. Most of these programs turn out to be false and fade in a short time but not until many people have invested and lost lots of cash and time.

So for the person wanting to earn money online, the first factor to consider is the authenticity of the program. This is not to say that there are no easy ways to make money online but people should be careful in order to avoid losing their hard-earned cash to scams. Remember, nothing good comes easy and if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Another tip for persons that want to join the online money making train is to ensure they go for adequate training. This does not necessarily mean one has to enroll for a class. In fact, most online money making programs have some form of training for new members. This helps them with the basic knowledge needed to start up and as they grow in the business, they are able to acquire more skills to improve their business and increase their earnings. Training and retraining is very essential.


Having listed some of the many tips to ensure the journey into the online money making world is relatively smooth and profitable, it is essential to state some easy ways to earn money online. This might not be the easiest way but they are sure to earn some extra cash and can even be made the primary source of income if well mastered.


This is one of the oldest ways of making money online. It has created several opportunities for people to make money online due to its wide scope. One of these opportunities is multi-level marketing otherwise called MLM.  It has been around many years.  Long before the internet!

More recently, people are beginning to start MLM schemes and if one is lucky to have picked the right program, it can be life-changing. Most of these programs provide training and support to members and form mentorship relationships with people.  In the business world, it has always been about learning from those who are successful.


Affiliate marketing is a program where one sells other people’s products in exchange for rewards in cash also known as affiliate commission. It is an incredible way of making money online. The good part of affiliate marketing is that once you are able to learn how to effectively market and you have built a list online, you can sell other products that might be relevant to your list.

All that is needed here is to perfect one’s marketing skills and have a responsive list to market to. Similar to MLM, building a relationship with that list is important.  People buy from those they know, like and trust.  It's the back bone of any business.

You need to engage with your customer list.  Identify how you can help them.  You don't have to hard sell people, but get to know them.  What they like, what they need and what they want.  Provide good value to them and they will stay customers.


Blogging and writing articles are great ways of earning some money off the internet. As a blogger, one can earn money by promoting one’s product or other people’s. Having great content on your blog with massive traffic can be leveraged upon to advertise your product or other people’s product and this can be a very good source of income.

The demand for writers is increasing dramatically and for one reason or the other, businesses prefer to hire freelancers to handle their writing needs. This therefore creates an opportunity for people that have the flair and skills for writing to earn money as a freelancer.

There are many freelance sites you can list your services.  Having your own website to show case your portfolio is another great idea.  This also allows you to show off your writing skills and encourage people to do business with you.

Other skills that could be useful in making money include graphics skills, programming skills, and the likes. And because these skills are inborn, it requires almost no start-up capital and one can start earning money right away.  You can make use of the same freelance sites writers would use.

There are several other ways to earn money online but the bottom line remains that to earn money online, you must be solving a solution.  Build the know, like and trust of the people having the problem.  Then provide the solution.


5 Network Marketing Success Tips

Call it a profession; call it an industry, it is a trade that has come to stay. Network marketing is a form of direct marketing that involves the moving of products and services by building relationships with others (networking). Therefore, network marketing success is largely dependent on the quality of relationships or network of people you develop.

Network marketing is different from other forms of marketing and sales as you are in business for yourself and not by yourself. It is more of sales network organization than the sale itself. Many people are tempted to enter the network marketing trade due to the several success stories that can be found everywhere, especially on the internet. However a huge majority of those enter a network marketing business end up frustrated and eventually quit the business even before they give it a chance to succeed.

There are many reasons that lead to people quitting their network marketing business and one of the most prevalent of them is the feeling of inadequacy in the ability to make the business work. This could be due to lack of training or preparation. This is rather unfortunate as new members are supposed to be adequately trained and prepared for the task ahead by the folks that recruited them. So before discussing further about network marketing, one of the major factors for a successful network marketing training has been revealed – adequate training and preparation.

Before venturing into network marketing and subsequently recruiting members, it is essential for the networker to build up his own business before he helps other business partners build their own. This is similar to franchising only that here, each independent business owner can open new businesses with low financial investment and with relatively low risk.

Online network marketing is a form of network marketing that has become the “real deal”. Network marketers wanting to reap the benefits of reaching a wider range of people through the internet.  If you already have a successful or not too successful offline network marketing business and you would like to take your business to the next level or you are a newbie trying to make money from the internet, online network marketing might just be what you need.


The following tips are essential tips that will almost guarantee network marketing success especially for those applying their trade on the internet.


The first step to successful network marketing online is planning. An online network marketer eyeing success should carefully plan out how you intend to build your network. This ensures you do not end up having too many projects or websites than you can handle at the same time.

You should create an action plan for building your business that you will follow daily, weekly and monthly.  Break down the steps than can be down each day versus once a week or month.  Concentrate your efforts and time on those things that generate momentum and income.  You may have separate plans for customers and business seekers.


Study has revealed that successful online network marketers work on one online project at a time. The temptation to work on many websites is projects at a time can crop in as one tries to multi-task. But this often results in failure as the work can get muddled up at some time, too confusing or feeling too overwhelmed.

Keep in mind you'll be learning about business, developing relationships and educating yourself how all this works.  Try to keep steps simple and short.  The main thing is this... you need to take action getting things done.  When possible, delegate things you don't know or enjoy doing to someone else.


If one intends to be successful as a network marketer, it is imperative to set goals – long and short term. This helps to determine the exact steps to be taken in achieving this and also helps to keep you focused.  They must be realistic and obtainable.

Each day write down things you need to get done.  Cross them off, move onto the next one.  If you have to carry over something to the next day, do it.  Just get it done.  Remember, it's Planning for Success.


The world of network marketing is dynamic and as such, network marketers need to learn new programs and the new technologies that are constantly developed to ensure a successful online marketing business. Do not be afraid of learning new things and always try to make wise investments in materials that will teach you how to be cutting edge.

Word of CAUTION HERE. Invest your time and money on those programs, tools, pieces of education that will benefit your business.  Don't get caught up trying to learn every marketing tool and system out there!  You'll find yourself frustrated and over your head, ready to quit very quickly.


Online network marketing can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming but patience and consistency is needed to be successful. The process can really take some time especially at the network marketing lead generation stage. Consistency, perseverance and patience are sure to drive you to success in network marketing. It will not happen overnight.

Other tips that will help in making your network marketing journey a successful one is to create a budget and avoid joining every social networking site available. Most network marketers would want to build their network as fast as possible and this often leads to taking up some investment in time and cash. Some are worth it while others are simply a waste of resources. Therefore, marketers should be meticulous in their selection of online resources to employ.

The discussed tips on network marketing are just some of the many available. Persons wanting to go into network marketing should endeavor to carry out adequate research before plunging into the program. It is worth the while but patience is required.